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Five Style Tips I Wish I’d Known as a Teenager: by Suzi Grant

Posted July 28, 2017 by Bethanie Lunn

As I get older I feel less visible than I did when my boobs were under my chin – even without a bra – and my skin was tight and flawless.  I don’t feel invisible, just less visible, and why is that?  I recently met a woman who turned that on its head and is one of the most visible style icons I’ve ever known…
I first met Suzi Grant of Alternative Ageing in local clothing and homeware boutique, Elif Kose.    I was styling customers for a shopping event where Suzi whizzes in with an energy so vibrant, I couldn’t help but stare.  Asking Elif to magically alter a skirt to ‘suit her shape’ and creating ideas for outfits from swatches of fabric around the shop, Suzi just had it.  Do you know what I mean?
Suzi is a nutritionist with ‘a passion for fashion’, focusing on vintage, a ‘solo lifestyle’, alternative ageing and timeless, individual style of which she is a shining example.  Style to me is owning your own look, loving yourself, your body, your life – warts n’all, and unapologetically expressing all of that.  She has style.
Since then, we’ve met for coffee and chat, discussing everything from flat whites to flatlays and, although we’re a couple of decades apart, that didn’t matter.  I love Suzi’s company and find her inspirational.  I know you will too.

So with that, I asked for Suzi’s pearls of style wisdom for dressing well and looking put together – the kind of things you only know with the experience of time…

  1. Leave your eyebrows alone! I over plucked them as a youngster and now they’re too thin.
  2. Less is more: showing your cleavage AND your thighs is not a good look. One or the other but not both if you want to look stylish
  3. Less is more when it comes to makeup too: the very young don’t need it and it will save your skin as you get older
  4. Get your colours done: or at least know what suits you and what doesn’t.  I wish I hadn’t waited till I was in my 40s, it would have saved me a fortune knowing what makes me look my very best, skin tone wise
  5. Have a really good makeover at a place like MAC Cosmetics so you can find the right look for you, easily
  6. Invest in your foundations!  A good bra and pretty underwear is something I have always been bad at spending money on
  7. Get into hats, they’re a great style accessory and protect your face from the ageing effects of the sun
  8. Wear sunglasses for the same reason, they protect your eyes from the harmful rays and make you look set apart
  9. Learn to sew!  I wish I had.  I love vintage and markets, and spend a fortune having things altered to fit better. It will save you a fortune in the long run
  10. Get into wearing sneakers for walking and popping pretty heels on at the end of your journey. It saves you having bulging calves and a sore back in later life!
  11. Get into accessories.  Headscarves, headbands, bangles or necklaces can all be picked up for a song and can turn an old outfit into a brand new look.

Simple advice that makes a big difference, I feel.  We could all learn a lot from her.  Suzi dresses how she wants to and ‘doesn’t care a jot’.

If you want another good read, take a look at Suzi’s post on How to enjoy gigs on your own! Being ‘single’ shouldn’t stop you from trying things or from missing out, hell no – it gives you every opportunity to get out there.  Suzi’s tips and shared experiences are brilliantly confidence-boosting.

You can also follow her on Instagram for daily inspiration, I mean – look:

Images courtesy of Suzi’s Instagram wall

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