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Festival Essentials: The Ultimate Hair, Beauty & Makeup Checklist

Posted July 1, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn


Summer is here (sort of), and festival season is officially in full swing. I’m no longer in the days of care-free dancing and drinking without repercussions but I still try to get out, have a boogie and experience a live gig when I can.

If you’re heading to a festival this summer, you’re probably frantically planning outfits, ‘What?  I can’t wear tiny denim shorts anymore? WAH!’ But have you thought about what beauty products to buy, and which makeup looks to try?  

For me, festivals are my chance to go all out on the beauty front so I’m left wondering where to put the glitter and how to keep greasy routes at bay…pretty much like every day then.

Here’s a checklist to ensure you have everything you need to survive the great outdoors and look fabulous:

Low Maintenance Essentials

If you’re camping out, you probably won’t be able to take a haul of products with you and spend hours in front of a mirror plus, ya know – kids. It’s therefore wise to invest in some quick-fix beauty solutions to save you time and enable you to perfect a low-key look in seconds.

Must-have items for festivals include face wipes and wet wipes, moisturiser and dry shampoo. You’ll also need a mini deodorant and a small shower gel. Take a hand mirror with you and a small makeup bag. Liaise with friends before you go, so that you can share toiletries and cosmetics. Don’t forget your sun cream.


Festival Makeup Trends

There are loads of fantastic festival beauty trends you can try but all you need is concealer, mascara and a liquid bronzer. Be bold and opt for neons and brights on eyes and lips. Or dress up and create some dramatic party looks. Use glitter, face paint and FX makeup to transform yourself into a flower fairy, a Boho queen or a Grecian goddess – well why the hell not?

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Try and pack multi-purpose and versatile makeup products if you can, such as a pink lipstick which doubles up as a great blusher too. This will save you space.

Festival Hair Fixes

If you’re going to a festival for a few days, you won’t be able to wash and style your hair every day.  Again, nothing new. Keep greasy locks at bay with dry shampoo and when your hair starts to look a little dishevelled, embrace the festival trends of plaits and braids. The lived-in, laid-back look matches these styles perfectly. Go for loose pigtails, mermaid plaits or a braided hair crown for long hair. If you have short hair, braid it, and then tie it up in a loose bun. Pull out some strands at the front to complete the look. All you need for fabulous festival hair is a brush, some grips, bobbles, and dry shampoo. No hairdryers, straighteners or hair spray required.


Try taking a hat or a bandana with you or team a baseball cap with tailored denim shorts and an oversized t-shirt and trainers. Or go for a straw fedora with a bardot mini dress and vintage-style ankle boots.  I also love the festival look of dabbing glitter at your routes – if only we could do this everyday!

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