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Living bravely. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

August 11, 2020

One thing the pandemic has proved to us all is that change can happen, unannounced and it can happen at super speed. Though some fear change as it catapults you into the unknown, or makes you feel out of control, I’ve always enjoyed change. I find it exciting; an opportunity to create or try something new. I’m addicted to trying new things. It gives me the sense of adventure that …

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Three simple sustainability swaps

August 3, 2020

It’s fair to say that Covid has had a profound effect on us all and continues to do so. For me, I’ve had a huge awakening on the crisis that our planet faces. My mindset shift has led to me making some tough decisions and epic changes but you only have to scroll down my personal instagram feed to see I haven’t always been this way, nor had these beliefs, …

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New Radox Kids Range: They might not chill out our kids but they are fun & effective

December 19, 2016

We all love a relaxing Radox bubble bath, right?..when we have the chance to have one.  Well I’m not promising the new Radox and Disney children’s bath and body range will chill out your kids in the same way, but they are fun… The partnership sees products sporting popular characters Anna and Elsa, a Frozen limited edition and Star Wars versions. With kids skin and bathing products, I always look for mild formulas …

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Must-Have: Cuddledry Baby Apron Bath Towel

December 13, 2016

Cuddledry’s grey stars baby apron bath towel, which launched earlier this autumn, is genius.  Before now, I had been struggling to get my baby out of the bath, laying her against my chest and drying her – only to end up with a sopping wet front and unhappy, wriggly baby. Their award-winning hands-free apron towel allows you to wear it by fastening it around your neck with the poppers (we’re …

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The Adventures of My New Business

November 8, 2016

Image Credit: Little Miss Brighton What an adventure by new business partner, Lucy Tatton and I have had so far.  We’re working on setting up our own online retail business, Café of Curiosities and it is blummin’ HARD.  There’s no other way to put it. It’s hard because Lucy is doing it while her house is being renovated and is effectively living in a building site.  She’s also a mama …

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Our Baby Blessing & Naming Day

October 12, 2016

Us. xxx Back in the summer (yes, it is already over, isn’t it?), my family and I had a naming day for our two children.  We’d always wanted a special ceremony for our first born; our son Frankie but we got bogged down with moving house, job changes, health, being new parents and y’know, life.  But once all of this settled down and we had our second child; our daughter …

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New Healthy Food Pouches for Babies: My Little Piccolo

September 28, 2016

Sassie’s weaning is a team effort in our house. I remember Frankie’s weaning journey like it was only yesterday but rather than take you through the step by step process again, I just want to share a good, healthy and convenient brand of food pouches with you, because we love them and I was originally unsure. Although I do like to make my own foods, by just by whizzing up …

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New Find: Dotty Fish Leather Shoes for Babies and Toddlers

September 22, 2016

…Cute, right?  I love buyign kids clothes since, if done well, they are so much fun and as a mum, I NEVER feel guilty for buying my kids clothes, but I ALWAYS do for myself!  I was sent* these gorgeous Pitter Patter Panda shoes by Dotty Fish who specialise in soft leather shoes for babies and toddlers. There are plenty of cool designs for both boys and girls aged 0-5 years. Animals, vehicles, …

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