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Easy Fro Yo Crunch Cakes

Posted June 9, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn



I’ve started to post a lot of recipes for easy, quick and nutritious food ideas for all the family, including fussy toddlers.  This was partly out of demand and partly because I consistently have to think of ways to keep my son (2 years old), interested in food.  One minute he loves something, the next he loathes it.  Being creative with food is therefore something I practice daily.

After seeing that my food ideas are now some of my most popular posts, it’s clear to see you all want more so I have filmed and edited my first cookery video!


>This link< takes you to my quick show on making frozen yoghurt crunch bites.  They look like mini cupcakes dressed with fruit and a crunch, chewy, healthy homemade granola base.  There is NO BAKING involved and the granola method also makes delicious raw energy balls – double whammy.


I love them just as much as my son does and they look far more impressive than the effort you actually put in, making them ideal for parties too.  Take a look and please let me know what you think.  I only want to film these if it’s the sort of thing you enjoy.  I’m making more films on fussy toddler food ideas in the weeks to come too.

Stay tuned,

B. xx

P.s. I’m making this post part of the #LifestyleLinkup from the fabulous Fizzy Peaches.  Go check out her blog and all the other linked up blogger posts for massive amounts of lifestyle inspiration.

Fizzy Peaches

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