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Charity Shopping: The Dos And Don’ts

Posted October 26, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

Being a mum doesn’t mean you have to stop being fashionable or checking care in the way you dress. For all mums reading this, there are great ways to shop on a budget and still look your best. At the minute, the most popular is charity shop shopping. The bargains are insane, and some of the products are better than the stuff you can buy from the high street.


Above image: My boots and coat are both from charity shops

But, before you delve into the world of charity shops, take this knowledge with you so you don’t end up with a bunch of old tat and will instead, end up with armfuls of bargain finds while helping a good cause…

Dos: Shop Unisex

The occasional jumble sale layout often means everything isn’t going to be in its rightful place so shopping in the men’s and women’s section is a tip that will help you spot a diamond in the rough. I have a few mens hats, shirts and jumpers that all look great so keep your eyes open across the entire store.

Don’ts: Don’t Feel Guilty About The Price

A lot of people will go into a charity shop and think ‘this isn’t as cheap as I expected.’  Do you know what they do next? They buy it anyway because they feel guilty. There is nothing wrong with a charity shop being overpriced in your eyes. You have a budget that you want to stick to, and that remains the same whether you are shopping in a fancy boutique or Oxfam.

Dos: Haggle

The price in a charity shop is often not set in stone. Again, people feel guilty about haggling in charity shops, but again there is nothing wrong with the practice, especially if you buy a number of items and support them regularly.  If you don’t think an item is worth what it is priced it or it needs repair, haggle.  They are known for their informality, so they are not going to look at you funny if you ask. Plus, if you don’t ask you will never know and it’ll be fun shaking on it eventually.


Don’ts: Don’t Be Afraid To Make A Mess

Take your time and root around for the best finds. Obviously, don’t treat it like a tip and start throwing clothes everywhere. But, don’t be afraid to pick things up and put them back roughly where you found them. The best part of charity shop shopping is the experience. I am always on the lookout for resale shops near me so I can hone my skills and find something special.

Dos: Try Things On

You should try everything before you buy it to make sure it is just right. Regardless of whether it costs you a fortune or a small amount, you don’t want to have to return it because that WILL bring on the guilt! All it takes are a few minutes to slip something on and have a check in the mirror.


The next time you go into a charity shop, you will be ready for the battle.


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