Organix re-fuelling tired kids after a paddle and play at the park

I don’t know about you but since becoming a parent, having enough snacks on hand is a must.  A MUST.  Have I not had enough snacks, I’ve regretted it.  No one wants to be on the wrong side of hangry children, am I right?

Organix is one of our favourite healthy snack brands as a family.  Why?  They’re full of goodness (happy parents/ well fed kids), they’re tasty (occupied children/ happy parents)  and you can take them anywhere thanks to the no-mess packaging (happiness all-round).

The children’s favourites are definitely the ‘crisps’, particularly the Sweetcorn Rings.  There is ‘nothing unessary’ in these goodies, or any of the range in fact and they’ve saved me from a meltdown on many an occasion.  Some of the other packs are well-loved too, like the Carrot Sticks but the flavouring on those can coat their fingers so be ready with a wet wipe (aren’t we always)?!

We crammed a load of the snacks into our (massive) bag when we recently went to Brighton Pride too and had an awesome time.  Always be prepared folks, always have bribes snacks.

Something Useful I wanted to Share

Organix have got a healthy and easy recipe page on their site now too, so check them out at  I got inspired my the rainbow wraps and did my version of them (shop bought wraps with loads of veggies, and some with cheese and meat too).  They’re so easy.  We rolled them out for the children’s lunch and at a recent get together with friends too.

The Recipe – Rainbow Wrap

Organix Healthy Recipes – colour and nutrition


For the wrap – if you are far superior to me and want to make them yourself:

100g buckwheat flour
1 organic egg
300ml organic milk (or milk alternative – rice/oat/nut milk)
3 tbsp water
A little olive or coconut oil for frying


For the rainbow filling

A couple of spoonfuls of cream cheese or hummus

Your choice of veggies and filling – we liked rainbow tomatoes, in lots of different colours, peppers and spinach.

Organix recommend ½ cooked beetroot, ¼ red pepper, 1 small carrot, ¼ yellow pepper, 5 cm chunk cucumber.

How to make

Step 1

To make the wrap, simply whisk all ingredients (except the oil) together until very smooth. Ideally use an electric whisk if you have one.

Step 2

Allow batter to stand for about half an hour.

Step 3

Heat a little olive oil or coconut oil in a 6 inch, non-stick frying pan. Ladle a scoop of batter into the pan – just enough to cover the pan surface, so the wrap is just less than 5mm thick. Tip the pan so the batter covers the surface, and allow to cook over a medium heat for a couple of minutes.

Using salami and cheese too

Step 4

Use a fish slice to carefully see if it is cooked on the bottom. Once it’s cooked on one side, slide the fish slice under the wrap and flip it over. Cook the other side for a couple more minutes until golden. Repeat with the rest of the mixture.

Step 5

Allow the wraps to cool on a wire rack, or if you prefer them warm they can be kept warm in a low oven.

Step 6

Prepare the vegetables by cutting them into thin matchsticks. The carrot and beetroot could also be grated if preferred.

Step 7

Spread a layer of cream cheese or hummus over the whole wrap.

Step 8

Place the vegetables on top of the wrap in strips arranged by colour. Fold up the top and bottom of the wrap, then tightly roll, spreading a little extra cheese on the last bit of wrap to help ‘glue’ it in place if needed.

Step 9

Slice in half at an angle so that you can see the range of rainbow colours then pack in an airtight box for your picnic.

If you make them yourself any leftover wraps can used the next day or frozen – layer greaseproof paper between each wrap before freezing. The bean spread can be eaten as a dip with chopped veg.

You can buy Organix at most supermarkets and leading chemists such as Boots, Sainsburys and Waitrose.

Disclosure: This is not an ad.    I was sent samples to try but I just love the brand and recipes and thought you would to.  Simples.


Sassie’s weaning is a team effort in our house. I remember Frankie’s weaning journey like it was only yesterday but rather than take you through the step by step process again, I just want to share a good, healthy and convenient brand of food pouches with you, because we love them and I was originally unsure.

Although I do like to make my own foods, by just by whizzing up a few choice ingredients, I’ve never doubted the convenience of healthy food pouches for on-the-go convenience.  But because I’ve never fully got into the mode of using these all that much before, I did doubt the nutritional value and assumed there might be added salt, sugar and preservatives.


My Little Piccolo alleviated my doubts thankfully, providing nutritional baby food that mirrors the foods and techniques of the traditional Mediterranean kitchen.  Sassie has tried the likes of Banana, Apple & Blueberry with a hint of vanilla, Banana, Strawberry & Peach with a hint of Mint and Sweet Potato, Beetroot, Apple & Pear.  I know, right?  She has even tried (and enjoyed) Kale.  Kale!

The full range is gluten free, 100% organic and no added sugar, which is really important to my family and I.  I love that every blend includes herbs or spices that enhance the main flavours – just like a true Italian kitchen.

We began weaning her at six months and now at seven months, Sassie has shown so much enthusiasm when eating this range, she is now onto solids and three meals a day.  She still has milk but her intake has halved and we still use My Little Piccolo in the mix since she loves them so much and I know how much nutrition she is getting.  I find them convenient to just pop in your bag when you’re out and about or for when she is in childcare too.  This way, we’re all happy.



Big Bro having a go - I'm not sure she's up for it ;-)

Big Bro having a go – I’m not sure she’s up for it 😉


I can’t believe how quickly time is flying, my little girl is growing so fast.  She’ll be stomping up the stairs, slamming the door and yelling at me soon enough. Ha!


My Little Piccolo is available from:

–          Waitrose

–          Abel & Cole

–          Ocado

–          Cheeky Rascals

–          Planet Organic

–          Booths

–          Wholefoods

This weather in the UK right now.  Awesome innit!

This week is promising a heat wave but having seen the weather report this morning, thunder storms also look likely.  Good ‘ole Blighty – it never has been able to handle the heat for too long.


We are however making the most of the sunshine in this family with plenty of outdoor fun, intermitted with refreshing breaks of cool drinks and these gorgeous healthy frozen yoghurt lollies by Claudi and Fin.

I feel like I can indulge in them even as part of a healthy lifestyle plan and I’m happy to give my toddler them to eat because they’re the healthiest fro-yo lollies in the supermarkets.  Made with real fruit, whole milk and Greek style yoghurt containing calcium, potassium and zinc. There’s also a healthy dose your recommended daily intake of vitamin D and they contain less sugar than 75% of lollies on the market, and only 35 calories a pop.


Here enjoying Peach & Apricot and the Mango flavours. Strawberry is also available.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.55.22

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 10.55.38

I had one of my son’s friends over for a play date recently and, after being a monster and chasing them around for an hour, the lollies made an excellent bribe to get them to chill out, take a breath and cool down!..and likewise for me 😉

Our local beach

Our local beach

Right, we’re off to the beach  Enjoy all x

Claudi and Fin Lollies cost £2.99 for a box of 8 from Tesco nationwide and they are also available in mini size (as pictured).

Brighton; London by the sea, bohemia, a place brimming with beauty, style and individuality.  It’s no surprise then that the independent shopping and dining scene is one of the most famous in the country and is thriving with must-go boutiques.

It’s hard to pick out just ten but here are some of my favourites.  See below stories…


Powder Beauty Boutique


Gunns Florist, Brighton

  • Gunns Florist – you can’t fail to stop and ogle the displays here
  • Boho Gelato for THE best gelati, incredibly delicious and inventive flavours and treats like waffles topped with ice cream and espresso
Boho Gelato

Boho Gelato

Pavillion Gardens

Pavillion Gardens


North Laine


Bond St. Coffee

Also check out 10 of the Best Independent Boutiques in Brighton

by Bethanie Lunn at Mode


If you’re looking for coffee and cake with a seaside view, The Perch in Lancing is the place to be! With the beach on it’s door step, you don’t have to miss out on the weather while treating yourself to a much needed cuppa!

You’ll be spoilt for choice with the menu. If you’re on a health kick they have amazing salads, if you’re feeling like a treat, the sandwiches come with a generous portion of chips- everything in moderation right? ;). They have lots of options to the kids too, so they won’t miss out!

Food choices: 8/10

Kids food choices: 7/10

Prices: 9/10

Location: 10/10

Furry friends are also welcome! I spent most of my time sipping tea and swooning at cute puppies. What’s not to love?