Want to know how to get that  i’ve just woken up from my 10 hour beauty sleep and i’m ready to seize the day look on a budget? Who doesn’t right?

Recently i was on the hunt for a little beauty update and stumbled across a new product in Topshop’s beauty range called the Everything Stick. 

Price: £10

Shade: Tenacious

This product does what it says on the tin, this is an essential if you’re busy like me and don’t have the time to find countless makeup products to complete your look.

The sticks come in various shades, from deep burgundy to blush pinks. I picked up Tenacious, a gorgeous peachy shade as on me this worked best as an all rounder shade.

This stick works as lip colour, blush and even an eyeshadow and is super easy to use. Here’s how..

Just make sure your toddler doesn’t mistaken it for one of the crayola pens!



The product is very pigmented a little goes a long way. Apply a tiny amount to the centre of your lid and blend out to create a subtle colour on the lids.



Much like a normal lip product, apply as you would a lipstick. The texture is almost like a balm so it’s also great for hydrating your lips in the warmer months.



This shade is perfect for adding a natural looking glow to your cheeks. Apply a tiny amount to the centre of your cheek and blend.


And there you have it, a simple yet effective beauty product that does it all, whats not to love?!

Head to Topshop.com to see more tutorials on their new spring range!

L x


7am wake up call, on the way to the bathroom you catch a glance of your bed hair in the mirror and it looks like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, sound familiar?  It happens to the best of us.

My go-to hairstyle when this crisis occurs is the trusty ‘shove my hair up’ look, otherwise known as the messy bun.


I’m sure you’ve all seen those pinterest worthy pics of perfect buns with no fly aways… how do they do that?

I don’t know about you, but i’d rather the extra half an hour in bed. So instead of perfecting the top knot, try my simple guide to the perfect messy bun.

You will need:

-Tangle teaser or hairbrush

-Hairband of choice

-Hair grips

-Sea salt spray (optional)

Step 1: Tackle the mane. Lets face it no one’s hair looks good first thing in the morning but 1-2 day old hair will be your best friend in this tutorial, so fear not. Brush through and add sea salt spray if your hair is in need of some volume. It will give the bun some texture.



Step 2: Choose your style.

I’m going to go with the classic low bun this time. If you fancy a top knot, just follow the instructions below adjusting the position of the pony tail at the top of the head.

Step 3: Scrape your hair into a low pony tail, you can use the hairbrush to help ensure all hair is in place.


Step 4: Twist the ponytail clockwise and start to tuck the hair under the hair band.


Step 5: Use grips to add stability to the bun and grip and stray hairs.

Step 6: Pull a few strands onto your face to add some texture to the look.


And there you have it. You have perfected the messy bun.

Style tip:

Add a floppy hat for a bohemian look, perfect for spring.

Until next time,



I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news that Beth recently welcomed her gorgeous daughter Sassie into the world- check out Beth’s instagram for the adorable pictures.While mum and baby get acquainted, Beth has handed over the blogging reigns to me, how exciting!

I met Beth in personal shopping a year ago, she was looking to get her mojo back after her first baby, (which she had all along!) and now I’ve adopted her as my older sister/inspiration mum.

So I guess I should introduce myself… My name is Liv and i’m a blogger and personal stylist, aka playing dress up for a living, which is pretty great. I specialise in fast fashion, fit for all lifestyles. I guess you could say I am a fairy godmother of wardrobes!


So what to expect for the next few months? Well I may not be a mother yet, however I have some tips and tricks up my sleeve for fast fashion and beauty that i will be sharing with you ladies. Whats more, I’ll be talking about my go-to yummy recipes with you that will be great for the whole family.

I’d also like to know what YOU would like to see more of while I’m here. From styling tips to beauty on a budget, I’m your girl, so ask away! Comment down below if there’s something you’d like to see.

I hope you enjoy the next few months of posts and as ever, do keep updated with Beth’s social media for updates on how she’s getting on with being the coolest mum of two.




@Mummymusings and @MummyandBabba1 tweeted me saying that, since becoming a mum, they have their hands in water all the time.  Keeping hands germ-free, sterilising bottles, wiping dirty faces…hands…bibs…high chairs = constant washing of hands.  They both therefore asked me if I could recommend a good hand cream.

I love Superdrugs Hand Therapy range as they’re not only affordable and last ages, but they’ve got one to suit every beauty need too.

Superdrug Hand Therapy 2in1 Hand and Nail Cream, £1.49/ 75ml uses keratin and pro-vitamin B5 to moisturise and soften skin whilst strengthening nails.  Used regularly, it will promote stronger nails making them less likely to flake or break so if you love having longer nails, you can now maintain them easily.

The consistency was light and gel-like, absorbing in around one minute and leaving my mitts feeling silky.

Superdrug Hand Therapy Anti Age Cream, £1.49/ 75ml Similar to the consistency above, this one contains age-defying anti-oxidants Con-Enzyme Q10 and Vitamin E to help minimise the visible signs of ageing.  It’s ideal to use on summer holidays too thanks to the UV filters which help to protect your hands against ultra violet rays.

The richer Dry Skin Cream

Superdrug Hand Therapy Dry Skin Cream, £1.49/ 75ml is more concentrated than the others making it most suitable for nighttime, although it is easily absorbed.  Leave it on your bedside and apply before you to go sleep while the glycerin gets to work to soothe very dry hands, re-hydrate and protect your skin against further dryness.

If you want to ask me any life or style queries, tweet me @BethanieLunn using the hashatag #AskBeth

…ooh, and Happy Valentines Day! x

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