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Capture the Year in a Happy Jar

Posted January 6, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

I started a new family tradition last year with a Happy Jar.  Throughout 2013, my family and I wrote down our happiest moments, things we were grateful for, little doodles that made us laugh, filling a glass jar with fond memories.  
On New Year’s Eve, we emptied the jar and read them out, looking back in gratitude.  It was my first year of being a mum last year, having given birth to my beautiful baby boy in May so this year is going to be full of all sorts of new memories.   

To create yours, find a beautiful jar (or you can just use a large, clean jam jar), then label it ‘Happy Jar’ so every time you look it, it makes you smile as you know what it’s brimming with.  You can fill your Happy Jar with:
  • happy moments
  • significant changes
  • clippings from newspapers that stand out to you
  • doodles from the kids
  • cinema / theatre / exhibition tickets

It’s a wonderful way to reminisce and count your blessings and it feels great while the jar fills up as the year progresses.  Try it.

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