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May Favourites for You and the Kids

Posted June 2, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

OK so it’s June and I still haven’t written about my favourite products and items for May.  My excuse is the weather, it doesn’t feel like June when it’s this grim! *Mini moan over*

So what can I recommend to you and your kids this time?

1.  GenOrganica Skin Repair Oil, £12.95

GenOrganica is new to me but I wanted to try it as they offer pure products that use ingredients from reliable and certified sources, are authentically organic and natural with no added chemicals or synthetic ingredients. This is a plus for me since I like to use the same products on my two year old son that I do on myself.  He’s always trying to use what I do and when you’re in a hurry – sharing is a shortcut!


The Skin Repair Oil was recommended to me by a friend after she saw impressive improvements in the appearance of her skin.  Made with a special blend of Rosehip Oil & Tamanu Oil, you’re getting two of natures finest remedies that are perfect for deep-tissue regeneration; fading and ultimately removing scars, stretch-marks and skin blemishes.  It therefore makes a great postnatal remedy but is ideal for everyday use.  Jojoba and Argan Oils- two of my personal favourites- also feature giving anti-ageing, moisturising and strengthening properties for super smooth, supple skin that looks its best.

Does it work?..

I used this on my skin after my holiday and it left my sun-drenched skin glossy, rejuvenated and smooth after one application.  With extended use everyday for two weeks, my skin looks more glowing and flawless.  I use it head to toe at night and then climb straight into a towelling robe or bed.  Although an oil, it does absorb into the skin quickly but you’re left with a heavily nourished feel, not sticky, just glossy so it’s best for nighttime use in my opinion.

I’d love to see improved packaging from GenOrganica – the labels can get a little bumpy after a while and the interior snob in me loves the way a product looks in my bathroom as well as how it performs, but that’s the only negative I can find with this miraculous product.

Strecth marks, acne, sunburn or bites and irritations – GenOrganica Skin Repair Oil will help fade the lot.

2.  Aldi Mamia Disposable Nappies, (Ultra Dry Junior Nappies – Size 5+), £3.99 for a pack of 36

Nappies are just one of the costs involved in the expensive upbringing of children and when you read facts such as your baby in the first few months will use between six and 12 nappies a day, so up to around 372 in a month, it adds up!

However, one of the best supermarket brands of disposable nappies I have ever tried is the Aldi Mamia range.  The wipes, bath and skin products and even the swim pants are fantastic.  I’ve never had any accidents or problems with any of it.  The nappies in particular appear comfortable for my son, they’re easy to fit (thanks goodness), and we’ve used them since he was newborn.  I like to try other brands too but this one is a clear front runner for us and almost half the price of other brands.

3.  Tessies Felicity Flamingo Ring, £4.50. Size S/M


Tessies is a truly fun online boutique for women’s fashion and accessories at amazingly affordable prices.  It has a cute and playful edge and cheers you up with just a browse.  I love my new Flamingo ring, an absolute bargain and it pulls in plenty of compliments, plus the page giving Outfit Inspo is definitely worth a look if you want ideas on what to wear and how to pull together an outfit.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.59.42


What products and finds are you loving lately?

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