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Another New Baby Arrival? Don’t Get Stuck for Gift Ideas…

Posted March 26, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn


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When you reach a certain age, all your friends, siblings and cousins start having children. It’s delightful meeting all the new bundles of joy, but looking for a present for each of them is less fun. Whether you buy them a present when they’re born or for their christening a few months later, it’s not always easy knowing what level of gift you’re expected to give. After a while, you can start to run out of ideas, and you don’t want to give everyone the same thing. We all know the present is for the parent anyway, and they’re much pickier than any newborn could ever be. If you’re starting to feel stuck for ideas, try some of these for inspiration.

Something Practical

One option for buying a gift for a new baby and their parents is to go the practical route. Any parent with an infant will know that you can never have too many baby grows, dummies or socks. There are lots of things you can get to help make life a little easier for new parents. You can choose clothes, which could be anywhere from basic items to winter accessories. If they’re bottle feeding, extra bottles or something to help with cleaning or storage could help. Linen is always welcome, so you could get them some muslin cloths or a set of crib sheets.

Faith-based Gifts

If you’re attending a christening or another religious birth rite, a faith-based gift might be a good idea. First check that the parents intend to raise their child in the faith, as some parents hold a ceremony as more of a symbolic event than anything else. Then you should find out if there are any traditional presents and whether it’s any particular person’s role to buy them. For example, it’s common to give a christening bible to a baby being raised in the Christian faith, but it’s usually the godparents’ who would give this sort of gift.


If a religious gift isn’t appropriate and a practical gift isn’t exciting enough, toys are always welcome too. You can get the baby something they can play with now or something to save for later. The best choices for when they’re little are soft toys of items with bits they can chew on when they’re teething. Make sure it’s safe for babies of their age before you buy anything. If you want to buy them something for when they’re a bit older, traditional wooden toys are a lovely idea.


Sometimes people get gifts that that are more trinkets than practical presents. They can be used to remember the time later on. The parents can get it out when their children are older and say, “Auntie So-and-So got you this when you were born.” Silver gifts are popular for christenings, such as spoons, cups and bracelets. You can also try decorative plates or go a bit more modern with a work of art.

So don’t panic the next time you need to buy a present for a new baby and their parents. Just think back to these ideas and feel inspired. x