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Am I Still Cool?

Posted January 14, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

Do you ever ask yourself that question; ‘am I still cool‘?

I’m not saying once you become a Mum or reach a certain age, you’re no longer cool.  That would be against EVERYTHING this blog is about but…I can’t help but notice from time to time that the long haired, tight-tee-wearing, White-Russian-guzzling woman I was is becoming less and less apparent.
As I type this I am sat in a zero carbon, zero waste cafe drinking green bean coffee and my water is served in a jam jar.  All the staff sport beanies drooping off the back of their heads like a wilted flower or carefully dishevelled hair that you know took them at least 40 minutes to tease into that ‘I’ve just got out of bed’ look.  As obnoxious as they all seem to be (‘I can’t smile or do my job efficiently – it’s just not cool’), I can’t help but see how far removed I am from these young things.
The sequin beret may be cool but the jam jar is cooler












Don’t get me wrong, I chose the cafe and feel comfortable here and I’m wearing a midi-length tutu and sequin beret (yes, really), jauntily placed on my head.  So I’m rocking my individuality as well as the rest.  Always have, always will.  However, I’m not them and I’m not what I used to be.

Am I OK with that?

Well, I can’t rock a pencil skirt and sneakers like I used to.  I no longer buy shoes because they’re pretty, I buy them because they’re comfortable and have been known to examine the heel and lining to establish if they’ll cripple me or not.  I can’t say ‘that’s phat’, without looking and sounding like a complete idiot and I’m definitely not down with today’s lingo.  The fact that I just said ‘down with’ makes me sad.  I can’t hold my liquor as well as I used to, hangovers last at least three days and I just said ‘liquor’.  It used to be booze.

BUT – yes I’m more than alright with it.  Now I’m a Mum, I know it’s my sons turn now, he will be teaching me what’s hot and what’s not (and be embarrassed at my attempts to know), and it is now him I learn from, be inspired by, feel young through. Granted, I also feel very old through him too (lie-ins?  What are they?).  

But so long as I stay true to myself and always have the confidence to put on my ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn’ tutu and hat, I’m comfortable with me and that’s cool enough in my book.


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