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A Photo Every Hour: October

Posted October 29, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

I recently discovered the monthly linky, A Photo Every Hour on the blog, Duck in a Dress and loved the idea.  Although I’ve missed Octobers official date, I  thought I’d have a trial run anyway to get into the swing of it and capture my day in images.  Starting at 6.30am (yawn), and ending at 9.30pm when I retired, here’s how yesterday unfolded…

6.30am: The boy gets up with his Dad usually then comes running into me at this time.  I stretch and put my fluffy slipper boots on while I struggle to be pleasant (I am NOT a morning person).


7.30am: Today is a get-up-and-go kinda day so I drink a load of water to wake me up (and ‘cos it’s healthy n’all that), and ensure my little one is entertained while I do my makeup and get dressed after a squick shower.  The cold is setting in now so I accessorise with a faux fur tippet and vintage brooch.


8.30am: I scoff a granola bar and some fruit in the car and, after dropping my son off at nursery, I head into Brighton and squeeze in a bit of shopping of his little Halloween outfit.  With the new (and quite right) policy of no plastic bags, the bat balloon I’ve bought Frankie just about fits into my tote shopper bag.  It peeped out of the top and over my shoulder making me giggle.  People stare at me and smile.

photo 1-20

9.30am: I sit down in SILO, the cafe bar and restaurant with a zero waste policy.  Their ideas, food and initiatives are all genius.  Despite having a gallon of pear juice thrown all over me by a clumsy waiter (yes, really), I settle in and beaver away at my laptop to prepare for the launch of this new blog that you’re currently reading. The walls in the loos have personalised messages and art all over them using chalk.  You can’t help but get creative so I imagine the dwelling time in the loos is long!  I picked out this quote:


10.30am: I met the delightful Natasha Bailie who is just awesome at vlogging so check out her channel.  It’s always great to meet fellow working mums but this one was so likeminded, she’s a kindred spirit.  We even have little things in common that everyone else finds weird, such as a massive dislike of brushing our teeth.  It’s sooo boring!  I’m looking forward to creating some video collabs with you soon missy.


11.30am: After a good chin wag with Natasha and the spillage incident, SILO kindly gave us the entire bill on them.  Bless ’em.  I should have ordered the entire menu 😉 I managed to sneak into one more shop before heading home and picking up Frankie.  Zara Home is one of those stores I like to drift around and dream in.  If these door knobs, below take your fancy, imagine how gorgeous the entire store is.  We’re hoping to move into our own home soon, which will be monumentally awesome, so I’m trying to divert the stress and window shop interior design.  At least that’s what I tell myself.

photo 2-20

12.30pm & 1.30pm: I spend the hour wrapping up work, travelling to nursery and picking up Frankie, heading back home for a bit of play time before his nap.


2.30pm: My new 2016 diary has arrived.  I actually did an air punch, ‘yesssss’ when I opened it through sheer excitement about being able to get organised and plan.  That is how much of a geek I am.  And yes, that is my baby bump at the bottom of the picture – there’s no missing it now!


3.30pm – 6.30pm: This time was all spent on playtime with Frankie and we got so worn out, we sat down for snuggles and watched Toy Story 3 before bathtime at 6.30pm, complete with cosy pink robe.


7.30pm: My hubby cooked a roasted veg, potato and sausage casserole which was yummy.


8.30pm: It was me, hubby, the dog, catch up TV and a box of After Eights before an early night.  I’m such a party animal.


OK, so I didn’t get an image every hour but I did the majority and the process was a great way of being more mindful of the wonderful, crazy, fortunate things in my life.  If you want to try this, the next A Photo An Hour opportunity is on Saturday 21st November.  Just check out the blog at the top of this page to link up.


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