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A Personal Trainer for your Pelvic Floor

Posted October 24, 2014 by Bethanie Lunn

If I told you I’ve got my own persnal trainer for my pelvic floor who has improved my womanly health in a number of ways including fabulous orgasms (yes, I just said that), and all for £33…

Would you want one too?

Well I tried these magical little Luna Beads by Lelo for the first time and I’m really happy I did.  In a nutshell, they make doing kegel exercises easy, as in, you-don’t-even-know-it’s-happening level of easy.  

Having healthy kegels as a result has many benefits from controlling your bladder, pre-natal care and post-natal recovery to stronger orgasms (I had to mention that).

Here’s How They Work:

Find your idea weight
My set has two pink beads, two blue plus a silicone holder.  Inside the beads are weighted balls, the pink holds 28g while the blue holds 37g to increase resistance over time.  You can tailor make your own weight to suit you by wearing two of the same weight, a combination or even just one bead if you’re new to it.

What happens inside
Once you’ve found what suits you, insert the beads into the silicone holder and then inside of you (there is a sachet of lubrication if you need it but they’re made to make this easy for you), and go about your daily routine.  The beads do come with instructions if you need them but it’s this easy!

The magic
When you’re wearing your beads, your movements cause the inner balls within the beads to roll around which creates discreet vibrations that prompt your muscles to contract and relax.  Hey presto – kegel exercises.

Wear them when you walk the dog, when you are whizzing around the house doing chores or whatever it is you normally do – all while they’re working their magic.

They’re body safe and quality approved and thanks to the special sealing, they can be boiled and / or washed thoroughly for hygiene reasons.
LUNA Beads Classic are the ones I have which, are generally preferred by women who have experienced childbirth, and you can but them online at  When you first see the site, you’ll see all the premium ‘intimate apparel’ – but these beads ain’t about that, they are for you and your health, the sexual benefits are just a bonus, and no, you won’t suddenly have an orgasm while walking around with them inside, tsk!  If only, eh?  Ha ha

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