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5 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home… That Only Take 5 Minutes

Posted June 2, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn


Victoria Eggs

Do you ever feel like you’re constantly cleaning your house up after your children?  That’s probably because YOU ARE!  Since I’m all about cutting corners and doing things fast, I asked award-winning British Homeware Designer Victoria Eggs for her advice on how to declutter and get ship-shape in little time, or gradually so it’s not one massive chore.  Here are her creative ideas.  I love the idea of a ‘maybe’ box…

1.  Start small, with one room at a time, with the objective of making it a clutter free zone! Or, even with one area in that room. Find a home for anything that doesn’t belong there, and move it to its correct place. Are there piles of post on your coffee table? House keys left here, there and everywhere? If something doesn’t have a place then create one; but make sure this is only for items that you will use, and shouldn’t just be thrown away. A pretty little bowl on a side table for keys is great, but a basket full of old/useless receipts, not so much! Slowly expand your zone until your whole home is a clutter free.
Tip: Walk around each room with a bag, and put 5 items that don’t belong there into it. Then walk round with the bag finding rightful homes. Start with 5 items at a time, as a quick and easy fix. Every day pick up 5 things and find homes for them, and you’ll be clutter free in no time.

2.  Tackle your kitchen by emptying each cupboard and drawer, one at a time, over a few weeks and round up anything that you haven’t used in the last year. Do you really need 30 mugs that don’t match in your cupboard? Why not pick your favourite 8 that do go together and get rid of the rest? If you’re unsure about parting with anything have a “maybe” box and put them to one side. If you haven’t delved into your box within the next 3 months then it’s time to say goodbye!

3.  Why not arrange all your books or DVDs in order of colour? This will not only allow you to sort through ones that you may no longer want or need, but it also creates a great visual effect on your shelves.

4.  For many people, their wardrobe is their worst culprit. And we can probably safely say that the sparkly halter neck crop top from 1998 isn’t going to make a reappearance any time soon. Yet, there it is, still taking up space in your wardrobe! So hang up all your clothes, sorting them in a way that makes sense to you. It may be in order of colour, or type (shirts, trousers, tops etc) but as long as it makes sense to you, it’s working. Once all your clothes have a home, turn the coat hangers the ‘wrong way around’. Once you’ve worn something, and it’s time to put it back into the wardrobe, turn the hanger the ‘right way around’. After 6 months take a look and see which clothes you’ve actually worn. This is an excellent way to show you what you’re really wearing, and a great time to cull unwanted outfits.

Tip: If there are items that you keep putting on, but changing out of because you don’t feel great, then get rid!

5.  Now it’s time to either donate, sell or throw away all those unwanted bits. This will free up space in your drawers, cupboards and sides, along with making you feel good… and maybe making a bit of cash! 

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