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Baby Girl’s Nursery Inspo

Posted May 6, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn



I decorated my little girls nursery while I was pregnant and wanted originality, personality and detail to be key. When creating a personal space and making a house a home, it’s the little things that really matter and will be both pleasing to the eye and pleasant for your little one to be amongst.

When they’re first born, it’s hard to say what personality they have or will develop, so instead – consider the values you want to raise them with. For instance, we hope to raise a strong, playful girl with oodles of individuality. We have therefore chosen mint green walls over the usually expected pink and have added that playful sense of fun with bunting, pom poms, ride-on cars and cool lighting.





Family is apparent with a gallery wall of quotes and photos, handmade touches from family members, plus ornaments and jewellery that have long been passed down generations.



Being pregnant, I’m loving online shopping, Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Search #homegoals #nurseryinspiration #nurserydecor #nurseryideas for heaps of gorgeous images and online shops that offer those individual little touches.


Maximise the talent amidst your family and friends and ask them to make your present with something individual for the nursery. A handmade crochet blanket from my cousin and a pom pom garland from my mother in law are two favourites. I have also bought much of the furniture and storage second hand. Look out for weaved baskets to store essentials like nappies and wipes, dirty clothes and toys. I’ve threaded mine with ribbon and paper pom poms to add colour and personality on the outside. No one has to know what lurks inside!


If you haven’t got much time / inclination to decorate, you are parking it for when your baby is a little older or they are sleeping in your room, simply spend the most of your budget on making their crib and that area as cool as can be. Designer bedding, a child-safe hanging canopy or bunting all ‘zone’ babies sleeping area and add comfort and personality where they will (hopefully) spend much time!

Aww my baby bump!

Aww my baby bump!

Think about your own comfort and convenience too with clever but cool storage ideas. Having nappies and wipes within easy reach will make things a lot easier but for kicking legs and the ‘rolling over stage’, store them off the changer surface but nearby. For stylish-yet-practical solutions, you can attach those baskets to the wall like shelves, use floating or circular shelves or up cycle old window shutters by painting them in your chosen colour and hanging them on the wall. The wooden slats allow you to hang anything on there, from clothes on hangers to books – by feeding them through the slats and baskets from hooks.

Sassie's view!

Sassie’s view!

We’re really proud of the nursery and love being in it – even if it is while cleaning explosive poos! With a view that always changes and offers so much natural beauty, plus so much light and calming colours, Sassie is one lucky girl.


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