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3 of the Best Pregnancy Health & Beauty Treatments

Posted August 19, 2015 by Bethanie Lunn

If you’ve not heard already – I’m pregnant with my second child (enter influx of pregnancy posts!)  I’m still in the first trimester and finding it quite a challenge.  I’m certain running around after a toddler doesn’t help with my low energy levels but I’m currently at the ‘groggy stage’, where tiredness is overwhelming and it is incredibly hard to feel motivated.  I can be asking along and think suddenly, ‘ooh that pavement looks very comfortable’.


So in a bid to relax and renergise, I’ve been seeking out health and beauty treatments that work for you and bump and these are my top three…

1.  Floating

I’ve written about the benefits of floating before (read here), and now go once a month.  So long as you’re past 12 weeks pregnant, it is completely safe during pregnancy.  Floating in a social pod of Epsom Salt water, mums-to-be can take a well deserved break while your mind switches off and your muscles, joints and bones also take a well-desrved break.

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Images of the float pods at The Float Spa by Pageturner Photography

Floating allows your body to focus on healing and resting, taking pressure off your body.  I found this the most relaxing of all treatments for these reasons.  I could stretch, move and relax with ease and felt incredibly rested when I came out.  After picking up my son post float, I put him down for his nap and joined him.  I slept so deeply for the first time so far in the pregnancy (over the last three months), and felt peaceful and calm when I woke up.  Any aches and pains I had, had disappeared and my body and joints felt rejuvenated.  Bliss. It’s a shame I can’t float every day!

If you’ve never tried it and fancy visiting The Float Spa, let me know in the comments below and I’ll give you a special discount card giving you £20 off and making the total cost: £45 (usually £65).

2.  Pedicure

photo 1-9

Just check out that picture.  If only every day could start this way.  I recently visited my hair salon of choice, Shine Hair Group, Brighton for my usual highlights, cut and blow-dry but this time, I had a Gel Gloss Pedicure while my colour set (60 minutes – £35).

You can visit the Aveda spa anytime, you don’t need to use the hair salon but I have to tell you – THIS is the way to do it for sure!  Nestled in the far corner of the salon, you’ll find a cosy dimly lit room with a heated massage bed just for you.  Highlights in, cup of tea in hand, the treatment began with a bubbly foot spa and I was transported to heaven.
I chose gel so the colour will last for anything from three weeks onwards without chipping or fading.  After feet are soaked, hard skin is removed with a satisfying foot scrub and file, cuticles are minimised and the gloss is applied. Nails are instantly dry once this treatment is completed so you don’t have to wait around or risk ruining your pedi when you put your shoes on.  This makes gel perfect for mums-on-the-go (that’s all of us then).

photo 2-10

The Beautician, Karolina is lovely and quite the perfectionist.  She ensured each nail length was to my liking, that I was comfortable throughout and that the neatest, glossiest finish was achieved.  When you’re preggers and can’t reach your own feet, having this kind of care and attention is blissful, let alone much-needed.

While I can still see them (!), I love looking down at my perfectly polished feet knowing that at least one part of me looks constantly glam, even if I don’t feel it. Check out the hair and beauty services at Shine here.

3.  Pregnancy Massage

Who doesn’t love a massage?  If you think you can’t have one when you’re pregnant, think again.  This time in my opinion, is when we need it most!  Heather Botting, an experienced therapist practicing at The Float Spa, Hove says, ‘carrying a baby changes your centre of gravity, putting a lot of strain on your back, neck, shoulders and abdominal muscles’, and pregnancy massage can help alleviate that.  Performed mainly lying on your side with a pillow between your knees for comfort, Heather is able to access key areas for kneading.


Image credit

Heather took her training at the Jing Institute of Massage Training in Brighton. Jing are renowned nationally for their expertise in massage training, giving Heather a qualification that means she can treat in the early stages of Pregnancy which most therapists can’t.

Heather continues, ‘It’s a fantastic way to keep muscle tone and flexibility during pregnancy and, done regularly, pregnancy massage has enormous benefits right from the beginning. It promotes stress relief and relaxation (an underestimated benefit!) for expectant mums throughout pregnancy and post-birth, keeping muscle tone and flexibility which reduces chronic aches and pains in the later stages of pregnancy.  It also reduces the risk of long term pains that can be sustained through pregnancy. Furthermore recovery from birth both mentally (e.g Post Natal Depression), and physically is significantly aided, particularly if there where complications during or after birth.’

Lying on my side allowed Heather to include some lovely deep tissue work all over my body as well as deep stretching into the typically aching areas, such as lower back, neck, shoulders and stiff hips and legs. I particularly enjoyed the stretch Heather created when lifting my arm over my head and gently pulling while pushing my hips down and away.  The feeling of relief and loosening was fabulous.


The only draw back I found was that my one hour treatment wasn’t quite long enough.  I know this sounds awfully indulgent but my body was starting to loosen and relax just as the session ended.  I still felt a little stiff in my shoulders and feet so another 30 minutes would make this treatment the ultimate.

If you however, don’t have this kind of time and want the reap the benefits on-the-go, try Heathers Express Massage Treatment; tackling those hard to reach areas that just won’t let up. She will tailor the 30mins slot to deal with whats bothering you right now (£40/30mins).

Overall, I’m totally hooked on pregnancy massage, knowing that the benefits of having a qualified and caring theorist like Heather.  She is able to knead away and relieve pains in areas only she can so you’re, quite literally, in good hands.

Book Heather via

Have you tried any relaxing treats lately?  Do tell!..



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