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10 Parent Must-haves for Travelling with Kids

Posted August 16, 2016 by Bethanie Lunn

My little family and I travel a lot, using our car for everything from nursery drop-offs and work meetings to long road trips. With no family living near my husband and I, we’re often on the road ‘doing the rounds’ as we call it, ensuring our children see their grandparents as frequently as possible.  But travelling with two young children is no easy feat!

Over the last three years, since first becoming a mum however, I have picked up a few tricks to make things as easily as can possibly can be.

Here are my top ten:

Purchase a Car Back Seat Organiser which ties around the front seat and faces your child. This one has a touch screen pocket for an iPad so older children can watch a movie or play games on it while they travel.  I keep other essentials in there too such as snacks, sunscreen, water and wet wipes

Image by Maguari (UK) Ltd.

Image by Maguari (UK) Ltd.

Clip-on toys are great to occupy babies and ones that attach to the car seat or the baby’s clothing means they’ll never end up dropping them and loosing them



Interactive apps are fantastic for toddlers. Choose ones with educational content so your child learns on the move.  I personally love Paper Boat Apps – who provide tons of brilliant interactive choices and often free of charge


Sing! Singing ‘the wheels on the bus’ never fails to engage and occupy our brood.  It can get a little grating when you sing it for the fourth time in a row but we tend to see the funny side and it certainly makes long or short journeys more fun, especially when your toddler decides to invent their own version.  We also have a playlist we all love, our son loves getting his groove on to Bruno Mars.

Get a mirror – I use a child rear-facing car seat mirror in the car for my baby, not only does it give me peace of mind as I can see her but it also entertains my little one. She loves looking at and talking to herself!


Go old-school and play games that encourage interaction between all of you and develop awareness and imagination. Eye Spy With My Little Eye is a winner.  OK, babies can’t take part but ours loves to watch her big brother being so animated during this game and personally, it takes me back to my own childhood

Create a Puppet Show – the adult passenger can use finger puppets over the back of their seat for the kids to watch. Hey – if it helps to avoid tantrums, why not?

Snacks – nothing works better than banana loaf to keep our toddler happy. Ensure you are loaded up with the kids favourite snacks for longer journeys – they are great to not only ensure your kids are full and happy but for negotiations when needed too!


Have a Break – if you’re on a super long car journey – it is really important you all have a rest and stop at a service station along the way. Toilet stops, fresh air and a stretch of the legs for all plus caffeine for you are vital


Name that car – when on the road, make the most of being surrounded by traffic by turning it into a game. For older kids, challenge them to see if they can name the make or model of passing cars.  For younger kids, encourage them to shout out the colours.  Adults can use it as a shopping opportunity for their next car perhaps!

Travelling with little ones is never stress-free but these pointers certainly help us. Good luck! X



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