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Review: SnüzPod Bedside Crib 3in1 & Nursery Video Tour

April 29, 2016

Aww my baby bump! I love the SnüzPod Bedside Crib 3in1 because I love a good multi-tasker that makes your life easier, especially when it comes to parenting and keeping the littles happy too. The SnüzPod is one of those products. Here’s Why: Design-Conscious First of all, look at it – it’s gorgeous and ideal for your design-conscious life but more importantly, you can use it as a bedside crib …

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Using Books to Teach Your Children Values

March 17, 2015

We all know the value of reading to your children and encouraging them to read too so I want to share a book with you that my mum used to read to me when I was a little girl…and that I now read to my son.  This book has instilled in me a very important message from a young age, one that I still live by today. The ValueTales is a series of books …

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Mumpreneur Awards 2015: Be Inspired by These Women

November 18, 2015

At the weekend, I travelled all the way from Brighton to Warwickshire to attend the Mumpreneur 2015 National Business Awards.  I reached the finals for the Voice category, representing parent bloggers and vloggers after over 3,000 entries!  I met lots of lovely people who I’ll keep in touch with and was inspired by three great speakers in particular.  I’ve captured a mini vlog of the day below and summarised the …

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Jam Jar Pasta Salad (Kids Love Getting Involved)

May 9, 2015

This recipe is incredibly easy.  The idea is that you help your children fill reused jam jars with a bunch of veg, meat, fish – whatever you like.  It makes for portable, easily-storable lunches and the process is fun – making even fussy eaters game. Because if the novelty of it, giving my son access to several bowls of food, all in bright colours and different textures, he ate things …

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Maternity Outfit Ideas for Work & Everyday

September 4, 2017

As part of my maternity fashion video sries with Secret Saviours, the award-winning stretch mark prevention system for pregnant women, my final video focuses on maternity outfits for work, and how to look like you, look professional but also feel comfortable and cool.  I also look at outfit ideas for every day since, when you’re pregnant (and even when you’re not), daily inspiration is always needed, and pulling looks together …

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Maternity Fashion Tips for Each Trimester

August 29, 2017

As part of my maternity fashion video series with Secret Saviours, the award-winning stretch mark prevention system for pregnant women, my third video focuses on how to dress throughout the trimesters, what with your body shape forever-changing! In summary; Trimester 1 – personally, I wanted the safety net of the 12-week scan before announcing my pregnancy to the world and so, to avoid suspicious looks and probing questions, I dressed …

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Maternity Fitness Wear Ideas

August 29, 2017

Me during my second pregnancy wearing FittaMamma As part of my maternity fashion video series with Secret Saviours, the award-winning stretch mark prevention system for pregnant women, my fourth video focuses on what to wear to workout in while you’re pregnant, an occasion that is tough to dress for and tough to action!..but so important to get right. The correct support for your body has never been more important than …

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Organix Rescue Hangry Kids + Useful Recipes

August 24, 2017

Organix re-fuelling tired kids after a paddle and play at the park I don’t know about you but since becoming a parent, having enough snacks on hand is a must.  A MUST.  Have I not had enough snacks, I’ve regretted it.  No one wants to be on the wrong side of hangry children, am I right? Organix is one of our favourite healthy snack brands as a family.  Why?  They’re …

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