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Healthy Broccoli Bites

January 16, 2015

I love food.  Simple.  So I try to broaden my little ones palette and knowledge of food too.  Whereas my son, Frankie loves fruit he’s not so keen on vegetables so I try to ‘spruce them up’ to make them more exciting for him.  He does love broccoli though so I took a recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Bites from Super Healthy Kids and adapted it to include less salt while simplifying the method too. Makes approx …

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Healthy, Easy Egg Muffins

May 5, 2015

These delicious egg ‘muffins’ are known affectionately as ‘eggy things’  in our household and we all love them.  You can choose what to put in them making them ideal anytime of day, and they’re delicious hot or cold so are great for lunch boxes too. They’re very easy to make and take 20-25 minutes to cook so you can do other bits n bobs while they rise to deliciousness. Image …

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April 20, 2016

Soup isn’t just for winter! One of my favourite lunches my mum taught me to make is her butternut squash soup. It’s like a healthy version of comfort food and is so easy to make. Here’s how.. Serves 4 You will need- (besides the hungry family..) 1 vegetable stock cube 2 Carrots 2-3 sticks of celery 1 red onion 2 butternut squash 2 cloves of garlic Salt and pepper Begin …

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Summer Handbag Essentials

April 27, 2016

Today i’ll be talking you ladies through some essentials you should be carrying in your handbag this summer. Having to rush to a meeting after the school run? Or an expected mums get together? These items will be your summer saviour! Statement necklace Going for a quick unexpected coffee but only had time to chuck on a t shirt and your trusty pair of jeans? Don’t fret, chuck a statement …

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My Top Four End of Term Gift Ideas for Teachers

October 17, 2017

Recently, my son started school for the first time and with that, we all entered a whole new world.  I’m not just talking about the epicness of my child being at the age and stage in life where he goes to school (how did we get there?  Time flies), but the beginnings of school gate politics, school reports, extracurricular activities and teacher / parent social norms. Giving gifts to teachers …

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Maternity Outfit Ideas for Work & Everyday

September 4, 2017

As part of my maternity fashion video sries with Secret Saviours, the award-winning stretch mark prevention system for pregnant women, my final video focuses on maternity outfits for work, and how to look like you, look professional but also feel comfortable and cool.  I also look at outfit ideas for every day since, when you’re pregnant (and even when you’re not), daily inspiration is always needed, and pulling looks together …

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Maternity Fashion Tips for Each Trimester

August 29, 2017

As part of my maternity fashion video series with Secret Saviours, the award-winning stretch mark prevention system for pregnant women, my third video focuses on how to dress throughout the trimesters, what with your body shape forever-changing! In summary; Trimester 1 – personally, I wanted the safety net of the 12-week scan before announcing my pregnancy to the world and so, to avoid suspicious looks and probing questions, I dressed …

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Maternity Fitness Wear Ideas

August 29, 2017

Me during my second pregnancy wearing FittaMamma As part of my maternity fashion video series with Secret Saviours, the award-winning stretch mark prevention system for pregnant women, my fourth video focuses on what to wear to workout in while you’re pregnant, an occasion that is tough to dress for and tough to action!..but so important to get right. The correct support for your body has never been more important than …

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