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My Outdoor Room (Outdoor Space Inspiration)

May 5, 2016

  Someone appreciating the view and contemplating The weather this week has been glorious and this weekend is set to be a scorcher.  As a family, we’re therefore making the most of it by tackling the garden and flourishing our outdoor space with blooms, lighting and furniture on which to sit and enjoy it all. Our garden is fast becoming our sanctuary – an extension of our home which is exactly …

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New Healthy Food Pouches for Babies: My Little Piccolo

September 28, 2016

Sassie’s weaning is a team effort in our house. I remember Frankie’s weaning journey like it was only yesterday but rather than take you through the step by step process again, I just want to share a good, healthy and convenient brand of food pouches with you, because we love them and I was originally unsure. Although I do like to make my own foods, by just by whizzing up …

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Summer Hair And Makeup Tips

July 5, 2016

Natural Hair, Don’t Care Summer (when it finally gets here!), is a great time to experiment with your hair and makeup and make things low maintenance and natural – great news if you’re on the go but like a polished look for work, let’s say.  These hair and makeup tips can help create the perfect summer look for work or play. Keep your makeup natural Summer is a great time to consider …

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Baby Girl’s Nursery Inspo

May 6, 2016

I decorated my little girls nursery while I was pregnant and wanted originality, personality and detail to be key. When creating a personal space and making a house a home, it’s the little things that really matter and will be both pleasing to the eye and pleasant for your little one to be amongst. When they’re first born, it’s hard to say what personality they have or will develop, so …

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Review: BKids New Sensory Toys from 6m+

June 20, 2017

BKids have introduced a range of sensory toys that Sassie had the pleasure of exploring recently.  We tried out* Leon the chameleon light, rrp £19.99 (9m+), the shape sorter sensory discovery robot, £14.99 (6m+) and senso snap pals, £9.99 (6m+). I am keen to introduce anything that develops her curiosity, imagination and coordination…and her sense of humour which these toys definitely did.  Play is an important part of any child’s …

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No Fake Sh*t Here

May 22, 2017

Image Credit There’s an awful lot of fake shit going on and it’s doing my head in.  There is no point in beating around the bush. In a world where it has become the norm to photograph your lunch before eating it, where we’ve become experts in our own self-proclaimed rights and where we style ourselves and our lives in a seemingly perfect way, what and whom can we trust? We’re …

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1 Shirt Worn 5 Ways: GANT Diamond G The Pinpoint Oxford Shirt

April 21, 2017

I love a button down shirt but I never used to.  I used to think I couldn’t wear them due to my large bust – no one needs to see a gaping peephole to my cleavage and shirts are not supposed to do that.  It is only with age (and thus experience of wearing clothes, getting wrong then finally getting it right), that I’ve come to realise the shirt is …

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It’s ‘legs out’ season! But what if you don’t like your legs?

April 12, 2017

As the weather hots up, you want to show a little flesh but while most of us will ‘get our legs out’, what if you don’t like your legs?  What the heck do you wear? This video is full of alternative ideas and outfit inspiration that offers you cover up while keeping you cool and looking fashionable: Flattering styles that cut you off mid-shin or above your ankle to show the …

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